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·       Pumping Stations.  Fixed or portable.  Standard or bespoke.  Vacuum diagnostics facility.   More

·      Vacuum Bakeout Ovens. Flat-pack design for easy usage and storage.  More

·       SIMION 8.  The industry standard in charged particle optics simulation.  More 

·       MicroMesh.  Cushioned abrasives for super fine finishes.  More

·       Vacuum Safety Switch.  Fast acting vacuum shut-off valve as used on Diamond and other synchrotrons.  More

·       Electron Multipliers.  DeTech multipliers for every application.  More

·      Scientific Instruments.  Supplies and Services.   More

·       Bayard Alpert Ion Gauge  More .....

SS Scientific manufactures filaments, ion sources and other components for Residual Gas Analysers (RGA), mass spectrometers & UHV surface analysis instruments.  We supply precision items, sub-assemblies and complete vacuum / gas monitoring systems.



Sussex Eye Hospital Cheque Presentation.    More ...

Low-cost Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps.  We supply reliable (20 years history of use) rotary vane vacuum pumps at a considerable discount (30%+) to comparable specification pumps.  More ...

Don't throw away 'blown' filaments!   Rather than throw an old filament away you can get it returned to 'as new' condition for half the price of a new one.  We now can offer to refurbish any mass spec / RGA filament.   More ...

Scientific Glass.  Speciality glass drawn and extruded to any geometry required.  More

New Low Cost Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kits.  A combined charcoal filter and oil mist eliminator for a variety of vacuum pumps.  More ...

Electropolish.  Increased capacity.  Contact us for further information.


Meetings / Exhibitions

BMSS2010: Mass Spectrometry in a Changing World
5 - 8 September 2010, Cardiff City Hall

Vacuum Expo
3/4 November 2010, Telford International Centre

VS-2  Vacuum Symposium UK
23/24 March 2011, Diamond / RAL

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