SS Scientific Ltd

SS Scientific offer new vacuum bakeout ovens with a quick-fit assembly.  The advantage is that the Oven can be stored as a 'flat-pack' unit when not in use, thus minimising space requirements.

Use a bakeout oven all the time?  Even better, just remove one panel to access your system and quickly have the chamber operational again.

  • Modular Build

  • Flat Pack Storage

  • Removable Panels

  • Standard / Custom assemblies

  • High Temperature Retention

  • Good sealing

Is your existing bakeout oven showing signs of wear and tear, or are you heating the room rather than the vacuum system?  SS Scientific offer an upgrade / replacement oven to give a much better solution.



OUR FLAT-PACK OVENS will eliminate:-

  • Fabric wear

  • Fabric droop

  • Excessive heat loss


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